Resource List: Faith In An Age of Science

Resource List: Faith In An Age of Science

Resources related to today’s seminar on Faith In An Age of Science.

I’m working on making the notes web-friendly. In the meantime you can see or join in a discussion begun yesterday on one of the talk topics, Sean Carroll’s claim on the Discover Magazine blog that religion is incompatible with science.

Essential List

Historical Perspective (Non-Technical)

Philosophical Perspective (Somewhat Technical)


Quoted in the talk

Next Week’s Guest Speaker:

  • David Heddle, “Science and Faith At War? This is the first post in a series. To continue in the series, click the link for “Newer Post” at the bottom of each page; keep clicking “Newer” at the bottom to work past any posts not related to this topic

Finally, here is a partial list of great scientists who believed in God–though I don’t think Einstein belongs on this list. He said things at times that hinted that he was a believer, but overall it does not appear to be the case that he was.

This is the essential list. An extended list of resources is also available.

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