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Change the World From Your Computer

As a Thinking Christian reader, if you’re one of our readers who is a believer in Christ, you may have just what it takes to help change the world from right where you are. Global Media Outreach gives you the opportunity to touch lives anywhere in the world:

Have you ever wondered what your personal ministry to others might be?
Millions of seekers come from every nation on earth with a great desire for God.
They experience the gospel through our websites and want to know the next step….

“One of the most exciting areas of ministry I’ve been involved with has been volunteering with Global Media Outreach. I’ve been amazed at the people I’ve been able to connect with from every corner of the world while sitting at my desk, in a coffee shop or my couch at home. I just love it!” — Scott, online volunteer

You can show them “the next step,” by responding to emails sent in through the Global Media Outreach website. You’ll have resources available at your fingertips to help you. Find out what it’s like to see people from all over the world respond to the love of Jesus Christ—with your help!

Check out the volunteer page at Global Media Outreach.

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2 thoughts on “Change the World From Your Computer

  1. I have been a volunteer with Global Media Outreach for a about a year. I have had the opportunity to encourage new believers in their walk with God. I’ve prayed for several people struggling through financial difficulties in the US and I’ve met many wonderful Christians in Norway, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, and India who have endured hardships because of their faith. They are encouraged by the Word of God and prayers I write to them. They press on, unafraid, because they know God is with them. In one instance I encourage a young lady from Dubai. She was in love, infatuated, with a man who didn’t love her. I was able to help her see that. She was a Christian who had wandered from her faith. Recently, I wrote a prayer to her. She wrote back that the prayer had brought her to tears and she began to pray and worship God. The opportunities to minister to people in the Name of Jesus touches my life as well as I seek God’s Word for answers. GMO has many sites, about 60 I think. One of my favorites is Check it out.

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