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Catherine Claire Larson, author of As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda, continues her blog tour this week with an interview at Together for Adoption.

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  1. In reading this interview I have a couple of issues to bring up.

    First, and most importantly, I fear, and I hope I am incorrect but much in that interview strongly implies it, that missionaries may be taking advantage of people’s grief for the purpose of proselytizing—-I think we should put ourselves in the shoes of people who have experienced such suffering and have little or no financial resources—I don’t think any of us would want people using our desperate emotional circumstances and poverty to try to convert us away from our religion. There is something about it that strikes me as coercive. Quite likely unintentionally so, but coercive none the less.

    Second, what is the religion of most people in Rwanda?

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