Ralph Winter’s Task Is Finished


I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Ralph Winter at the U.S. Center for World Mission a little over 25 years ago. He was a giant in the world of missions already, and he continued strong until his going home to be with the Lord yesterday. Few have had such a massive and clearly definable impact on any movement as he has on world missions, especially what it means to finish the task, some of which he discusses here.

Thanks to Between Two Worlds for passing along the news.

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  1. smudge77 says:

    I can guess how you feel about him…I was in mission [fulltime] 25 years ago [from ’84-86]- and a man now in his 80’s, relatively unknown, especially in America, Edwin Orton, was the founder behind the mission I was in…
    he is still promoting mission here in the U.K. and in his beloved India. But I guess one day the news will come that he has been ‘promoted to glory.’

    I have read stuff by Ralph Winter a few years ago, when I was getting interested in house churches.

  2. Ralph and Roberta Winters were unique people. Both were brilliant and icnoclastic, PTL! They moved with the Spirit outside the traditional church structures as well as within those structures. I spent two weeks with the US Center when they took it over from the cult and led a series of trainings on spiritual warfare to clean the place out.

    Their children and in-laws were also neat people who served the Lord and, like their parents, knew how to entertain, have fun and enjoy the Lord.

    Can you post the way we can send a card/email to Dr. Winter’s children?

  3. Easiest way to send a card would be mail it to the US Center main address:

    Winter Family1605 E Elizabeth StreetPasadena CA 91104

    We all know it is a pleasure to know him and his family and serve under them. Great service today remembering the man, his vision, and the God he served.