“There Is No ‘Politically Correct’ Science – Forbes.com”


From John West:

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has been one of the most politically and culturally consequential ideas of the past 200 years. Yet many defenders of evolution do their best to downplay the connections between Charles Darwin and what might be called social Darwinism. Darwin, they insist, focused simply on the science; he was uninterested in the application of his ideas to society.

People who make such claims have usually not read much Darwin.

[Link: There Is No ‘Politically Correct’ Science – Forbes.com]

He might also have added that while defenders of evolution do their best to disconnect evolution from its social consequences, they typically do their best to connect Intelligent Design to what they consider to be its social sources. They find it convenient to tie ID to a politico-religious agenda, while remaining blind to their own agendas.

(Hat tip: Telic Thoughts)