Minor Feature Upgrade

New for commenters: link to the comment you are replying to, by using the @ symbol before that comment author’s name, and following the name with a colon or line break. Example: to link to my most recent previous comment in the thread, type @Tom Gilson;

Or as the developer wrote it:

Inside a comment, write @commenter where commenter is the name of the author you are replying to, followed by a line break, colon, comma and now a dash.

It’s not case-sensitive, but otherwise the name you type must match exactly, including spaces. The @ symbol will appear on the page after you publish, as will the character you use following the name.

More instructions and a few more formatting options are given here.

Commenting Restored

The comment function here has been out of service, possibly causing frustration, for which I apologize. You can comment again now, and it will save and post as it should do. First-time commenters' comments will not appear, however, until approved in moderation.

2 thoughts on “Minor Feature Upgrade

  1. Is this simply to connect comments left in response to others’ comments?

    Suppose there are more than one comment by the same poster?

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