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“Quodlibeta: The deep sleep of Adam”

From Humphrey at Quodlibeta

According to many of the self appointed experts of the internet, throughout human history Christianity has been a force of backwardness and oppression, holding back scientific and intellectual advance and resisting the march of progress inch by bloody inch.

Prominent among those who have promoted this view was Andrew Dickinson White, who among other things expounded on the church’s opposition to anesthesia in the 19th century. As Humphrey documents here however… White made the whole thing up.

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3 thoughts on ““Quodlibeta: The deep sleep of Adam”

  1. Thank you for the link to Quodlibeta on the fabricated stories involving Christian opposition to science. I am a science teacher at a Christian high school and I have been given the privilege of teaching a senior theology course for students who will be pursuing careers in the sciences, to prepare them for what they will face when they enter secular colleges and universities. In my class, we’ve addressed Andrew Dickson White’s book in regard to the Flat Earth Myth, something that I will be posting on in the next day or two on a new blog I started aimed at providing resources for other Christian science teachers who want to equip their students. I posted yesterday on the caricaturization of Christians in science that is prominent in the media today. If I may include the link to that post and my blog:
    Reasonable Answers: Reclaiming the Christian Roots of Modern SciencePart I: The Caricaturization of Christians in Science

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