Warning to Canadians: Duck!

This news just in from EurekAlert (quoting the actual headline):

New comet discovered in Canada

To be more specific:

[A] comet has been discovered at the University of Calgary’s Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, which is located about 35 kilometres southwest of Calgary.

To my friends in Canada: I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I wonder if your day off there might explain why news of the disaster has been so slow to reach the rest of the world. Be assured you are in our prayers.

6 thoughts on “Warning to Canadians: Duck!

  1. Whew!
    Luckily it fell in Oct. so it settled softly in a ten foot snow bank and caused little damage – although the impact was felt for hundreds of miles and caused a lot of beers to fizz over when opened.
    Observers quickly threw their Hudson’s Bay blankets over the comet and we’ll have a closer look after today’s election.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope you all had a nice Columbus Day.

  2. In striving for journalistic accuracy, I think the headline should have been New Comet Discovers Canada.

  3. Hi Fabio,
    That would certainly justify our promotional blitz – including over a million mail-outs to the Oort Cloud with pictures of our landscape and the slogan “If you build it, they will come”.
    At the time the right honourable opposition had argued in question period “This is a waste of money and resources. What would a lump of ice and rock have in common with our great land?”

  4. They went well, but not well enough by my standards. The Conservatives did not get a majority . . . which means that we could have another election in a year (or even in a few months). The law in Canada is such that if there is a majority gov’t then elections are held only every 4 years. Otherwise, they can be called at any time (or forced with a vote of no confidence).

    Oh how I long for the two-party system you “benighted” Americans have.

    By the way, I love the irony of using the word benighted . . . the fact that you use it is a pretty good indication that you aren’t it. I had to look it up . . . I guess that makes me the benighted one. 🙁

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