“How to Pick a President”

“How to Pick a President”

I have a policy of not posting on politics here, but Daniel Taylor and Mark McCloskey (a former colleague of mine) have an article in Christianity Today that needs the widest possible readership. Other than its heavy emphasis on American history, it could just as well have been titled “How to Pick a Member of Parliament.” Since it is completely non-partisan I can bend my policy for once.

It’s not about whom to elect. It’s about how to be wise in choosing whom to elect.

Near the beginning they write:

But grave decisions of war and peace, life and death, prosperity and privation—on the domestic and international fronts—are made by Presidents during their time in office. At election time, we the people decide who our decision makers will be. And we too often decide poorly, because we ask the wrong questions.

Taylor and McCloskey ask the right ones.

[Link: How to Pick a President | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction]

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