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God’s Heart For Missions

God’s Heart For Missions

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Missions is the most crucial thing taking place on earth today. It is the whole point of human history. And it is at its most exciting point in history, when the conclusion, the completion of the task is in sight. It is at the center of God’s heart, and thus it belongs at the center of every Christian’s heart. The progress is most encouraging, though obviously there remains much to be prayed for, much to be done.

When it’s all over and the celebration happens, will you be there as one who gave it your all, or as one who sat on the bench and watched the rest of the team win the game? What kind of celebration would you want to have?

Just over four years ago I delivered a talk at Seaford Baptist Church on “God’s Heart for Missions.” It’s not a new talk, but I’m getting newly involved in podcasting so I have decided to post it now.

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