Canadian Judge Overrules Daughter’s Grounding


Americans, this is awfully close to home:

Quebec Superior Court judge Suzanne Tessier has ruled invalid a father’s mundane punishment of a disobedient child. The father grounded his 12-year-old daughter after she repeatedly violated his instructions. Instead of throwing a temper tantrum, however, the girl sued—and won.

[Link: Magic Statistics]

3 Responses

  1. SteveK says:

    STR reports on more absurdities coming out of Canada.

  2. Charlie says:

    I have no comment on the ruling in the OP but w are living in very troubling times, my friends.

  3. SteveK says:

    Very troubling times, indeed. I don’t think anyone should be fined for writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, but since the law is on the books I’m wondering why the newspaper isn’t liable since they agreed to publish it.