Zombies: The Movie


Paul, frequent commenter here, sent me this link by email: Overcoming Bias: Zombies: The Movie. Some excerpts:

DOCTOR: David! David Chalmers! Can you hear me?


NURSE: It’s no use, doctor.

CHALMERS: I’m perfectly fine. I’ve been introspecting on my consciousness, and I can’t detect any difference. I know I would be expected to say that, but –

The DOCTOR turns away from the glass screen in horror.

DOCTOR: His words, they… they don’t mean anything.

OFFICER 1: State your business here.

MAN: Is this where you’re keeping David Chalmers?

OFFICER 2: What’s it to you? You a friend of his?

MAN: Can’t say I am. But even zombies have rights.

OFFICER 1: All right, buddy, let’s see your qualia.

MAN: I don’t have any.

Paul is right–if you’ve read anything on mind and brain, this is hilarious!