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Do We Really Know It’s True?

Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Do We Really Know It's True?

I gave this talk at Seaford Baptist Church on Wednesday, April 23, 2008. Some portions have been edited out because they’re not applicable to a wider audience.

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3 thoughts on “Do We Really Know It’s True?

  1. Great run through of the attacks on our faith. Quite an unbelievable list of books you went through.

    I think at some point we get dumbed down to what some of these things do to our understanding of the gospel, and just accept them as part of our society today. There is one Truth of course, and as far as reading, One source of that Truth. Great podcast.


    Off topic – sorry for the OT, but if you have time, can you let me know what recording device you were using, it sounded nice and clear, very good quality sound. If it was the sound system at the church that doesn’t help, but I am looking for an individual, hand held, quality sound recorder.

  2. Thank you, Scott, for the encouraging word.

    If you find that good portable recording system that you’re looking for, please let us know. This was done through the church sound system, straight to PC, using the open source Audacity software.

    It’s actually a bit clipped–the recording level was a tad too high–but not too bad, and I’m not at all sure everyone would notice. I was a recording engineer once upon a time, and you get to where you hear things like that. Sometimes I wish I didn’t notice….

  3. ok, yeah, that is sort of what I figured. I have used and tried a few digital recorders (for voice) and they are “acceptable” but not great.

    The best I have used (for bird/nature recordings etc) is a “Sony Net MD acoustic engine” walkman, BUT, as with all things Sony, the proprietary qualifications of its use prevent it from being an easy to use and flexible device.

    It records onto CD, and quality is CD-like (I use an external mic), but then you must do a line-in recording using Audacity to get it off the darn disc.

    What I want, is a high quality portable recording devise that is USB plug and play with access to file systems. Don’t guess it exists, so I am left to use my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (not even stereo). Oh well… 🙂

    Sorry about it being totally off topic this time but I did enjoy the podcast.

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