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“A souvenir from our homeland beyond the material world”

Via Amanda Witt and Wittingshire, a great post on the power and value of art on The Diary of a Former Atheist, including:

  • All beauty and goodness has a living Source. In modern parlance, we call this source “God.”
  • The closer we get to God, the closer we get to perfect joy.
  • We have a strong tendency to drift away from God. Yet further away we get, the more unsettled and miserable we are.
  • When other people drift away from God it makes our lives more difficult.
  • The pleasures and comforts of the material world seem like they will make us happy, but don’t.
  • We love other people, but not as much as we should.
  • Acts of evil are shocking offenses to the way things should be.
  • There is evidence of God in the material world, and our hearts soar when we see it.

And so on. All of these conditions are true objectively (they’re not “your truths” or “my truths”), all have been known in some way or another to every person who ever lived, and none can be discerned from the material world alone. It delights us to share our experiences of these truths with our fellow human beings, because it creates a bond that surpasses our animal instincts and connects us at the level of the soul.

The line I quoted in the title of this blog post comes from the next paragraph–but you’ll want to read the whole thing.

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