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Blog Page Improvements (Mostly)

I think I’ve solved some pesky problems with IE 6, and with comment previewing and subscribing. Internet Explorer 6 was truncating the sidebar. Firefox and Camino insisted on placing the comment enhancements far at the bottom of the page, below the blogroll.

We fumbled around with a lot of things, trying to fix this. I know almost nothing about php, which is the language used for most of this blog system. My son, Jonathan, has helped me a lot with another back-end language, CSS, but he didn’t find the magic key to unlock this either.

I finally tried undoing the modifications I’ve put on this page and adding them back in one at a time. The original page design (out of the box, as it were) put the blogroll at the bottom of the page. I don’t particularly like it being that far down, but it solved both of the problems I was working on. So I have kept it there, and I’ve placed a shortcut to it in the sidebar.

If some php whiz could help me promote it back to a higher position where it belongs, I’d appreciate the help. For now, at least the comment functions should be much easier for you to use, and the blogroll is only a little less convenient to access.


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