Give me the COFFEE and No One Gets Hurt

Give Me the Coffee

Sometimes on Sunday mornings, standing in line for coffee in our church fellowship hall, I tell the people in front of me, “You sure are brave to be standing between me and that coffee!” So even though it’s not a terribly Christian sentiment, I like this sign anyway:

“Give me the COFFEE and no one gets hurt.”

It’s good for a smile, as they say.

The sign is on the wall of our favorite coffee stop, Harbor Café in Newport News, VA. It’s in an office building, not easy to find, but well worth the search. Starbucks doesn’t hold a candle to it!

(Cell phone photo–low quality, but you get the idea anyway)

1 thought on “Give me the COFFEE and No One Gets Hurt

  1. You have a lot in common with my wife. 🙂

    You live in a beautiful state, Tom. Virginia is one of my favorites. I’ve only visited 2-3 times, but each time I come home I long to go back. We’re planning a trip to Washington DC in 2010 so I’ll get another chance then.

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