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Christian Carnival: Renaissance Edition

Now posted at Diary of 1. This entry surely caught my eye:

Beyond the Rim presents Thinking Christians? Are you a thinking Christian? If so, consider yourself a rare person in the modern world in which we live. This post touches on that problem, which just about guarantees almost no one will read it. ;-)

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5 thoughts on “Christian Carnival: Renaissance Edition

  1. Good question! I wouldn’t have linked to it if I hadn’t read it and liked it, but I’ll admit I did it in a rush. I’ll leave my answer to the rest of your question over on your blog where it belongs.

  2. Well, maybe not. I wrote a comment and it got hashcashed. I don’t have a clue what it means but it sure sounds serious 😉 .

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  3. It is a WordPress function to stop spambots. I turned it off till I can find out what is going wrong, so posts now work. Sorry about that. 🙁 Maybe you still have enough interest to post a comment…

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