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Top Pages for 2007

Here are the most popular Thinking Christian blog posts of 2007, based on number of times they were visited:

1. The Golden Compass Series — Many other websites linked to these posts, so several of them were near the top in popularity.

2. Book Review: Kingdom Triangle by J. P. Moreland

3. The Beauty of Christ: Introduction to my “Beauty” series, also represented with other posts below.

4. Christianity: Top Ten Misconceptions

5. The Beauty of Explanation: The Human Condition

6. The Beauty of God’s Word

7. The Beauty of Virtue

8. Plantinga on Dawkins

9. Book Review: unChristian?

10. What You Really Believe Is… (on how not to debate)

I was surprised to find out that some of 2007’s most popular pages were from earlier years. Next to the Golden Compass series, the most visited page was on Abortion and Mental Health, posted in February 2006. And I still laugh at this one: Spruce Pine Trees for Sale, from November 2005, was next in popularity.

Apparently that’s because people are shopping for pine trees. “Pine Trees for Sale” was the second most frequent search phrase by which visitors came to Thinking Christian in 2007. First on the list of search engine phrases was “Thinking Christian.” The rest of the top ten search phrases were all variations either on “thinking Christian” or the Golden Compass theme, except for number 10 on the list, which was “unChristian.” Number 11 was “Expelled the movie.” That film is coming out in February, which will be an interesting time in the Intelligent Design discussion.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have visited these pages. Happy 2008 to you, and may you find all the happiness and all the pine trees you seek!

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