Introducing the New Thinking Christian!

Welcome to the new Thinking Christian! I hope you like the new look. Actually, it wasn’t primarily for looks that I made this transition, but because the software I was using up until now had become obsolete, and three-year-old promises of an upgrade have lost credibility. WordPress is a great way to go, anyway.

Older posts are still where they always were. You can track them down through this entry page, or through the Google search in the sidebar, which indexes both the old and new group of blog entries.

If you read this blog through an RSS reader, you’ll need to change those addresses to:

Recent comments appear at the very bottom of the screen on each page.

There is a live comment preview installed so you can see what you’re typing as you type it, though some browsers put the preview far down at the bottom of the page. Anyway, you can also edit your own comment for up to 20 minutes after you post it. I’ve found that even in previews I miss obvious errors sometimes. After you edit your comment you may need to refresh your page to see it. Otherwise you might think it has disappeared.

I still need to insert a couple of static pages at the top, and a few goodies in the sidebar. And my son is becoming a css scholar (translation: he knows how to do nifty things with sites like this), and I will probably have him mess with a few things, too.

But this is a start!

P.S. I’ll be manipulating the posting time and date on this entry to keep it at the top of the page for a few days. This was first published Wednesday morning, December 5.