Equal-Text Bible in a Year Plan

BibleHere’s an entirely different Bible-in-one-year plan, designed to give you the same amount of reading every day. It’s based on page numbers, not chapters and verses, and it’s customizable to your Bible. It works best with straight-text Bibles; study Bibles with their varying amounts of text on each page won’t give you an equal amount of reading each day.

It’s my own “invention” using Microsoft Excel. It’s not fancy, and it’s not elegant programming, but it works! You just need to know how to enter a few very simple data points in Excel, based on your calendar and your Bible.

We’re coming up on the first of the year, when many readers begin a Bible-in-a-year plan. This plan can start on any day of the year, though. There are 12 catch-up days in the plan, when you can make up for reading you have missed.

Following this plan, you will read in both the Old Testament and the New Testament every day, as well as in the Psalms. Some of the longer Psalms have been divided into more than one day’s reading. You have two options for the Proverbs: you can read the chapter whose number is the same as the current day of the month, or you can read them as they come up in order through the Old Testament.

Just download the Excel file (110 KB), and begin!

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