Comment Formatting Hints

Use HTML tags around your text as you type it to produce formatted results: an opening tag to begin the formatted section, and a closing tag to end it, with the formatted text between. HTML opening tags have a form like this:

<i>, <b>, <strike>, or <blockquote>.

Closing tags are the same except they have a slash after the < character:

</i>, </b>, </strike>, or </blockquote> .

  • For italics, write your text between the <i> </i> pair
  • For bold use the <b> </b> pair
  • For strikethrough use the <strike> </strike> pair, and
  • For blockquotes use the <blockquote> </blockquote> pair. Blockquotes may be nested–you can have a quote within a quote–but be sure to use as many closing tags as opening tags.

If you want to be really adventuresome you can insert
hyperlinks. Here’s the syntax:

<a href=webaddress>text</a>

webaddress is the full address of the site, beginning with http:// . “text” is the text that the reader will actually click on. Everything else needs to be typed as shown.

For Scripture references, don’t bother: hyperlinks are added by the software on this end. Just type in the reference (e.g., John 3:16) and the link and mouse-over text will appear automatically.