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God’s Heart For Missions

Missions is the most crucial thing taking place on earth today. It is the whole point of human ...

New Age and Its Contradictions

I lived in Southern California for 13 years, where it was a regular occurrence to run into New ...

Do We Really Know It’s True?

I gave this talk at Seaford Baptist Church on Wednesday, April 23, 2008. Some portions have been edited ...

Views of Truth

This talk on Views of Truth was given on March 9 to the Chapel at Kingsmill. I regret ...

A Dying Man’s Demand for Definite Answers

This ER clip on a dying patient’s intense spiritual questions has gone viral, according to, which ranks ...

What Christ Does For Us, Part 5: Who Christ Is

Returning to this series after a short break, I’m also taking a short detour. What Christ does for ...

Golden Compass Radio Interview

Last Monday Morning I had a talk about The Golden Compass with David McIver of Praise FM radio ...

Kingdom Triangle: Book Review

Book Review (Update June 27: Hear J. P. Moreland discuss this book on Converse With Scholars.) I had ...


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  • Tom Gilson May 7, 2021 at 1:56 pm on Moving From Heat to Light: Worldviews in ConflictPoint well taken on "Judeo-Christian," at least to the extent that the two groups have different views of God, Jesus, and soteriology. As to your other comments, I would suggest that you take this more as what it was intended to be: a summary. So for example, "got along" was
  • Dr Sarah May 7, 2021 at 1:46 pm on Moving From Heat to Light: Worldviews in ConflictMy best wishes for your father’s comfort, and for the wellbeing of all of you at this time. Thoughts on this post from the perspective of a non-Christian: ‘What will it take for people in one of these groups to understand people in another?’ I find this an ironic question
  • John Moore May 5, 2021 at 9:46 pm on Heat to Light: Our Lost Moral High Ground, and How to Begin Reclaiming ItI agree with you that many Americans perceive U.S. Christianity to have lost the moral high ground. I think there's only one reason for the change, which is the close association many churches have built with the Republican party. Regardless of whether Trump and the Republicans did this or that,

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