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Stephen C. Meyer Interview/Podcast

  Book Review/Podcast [podcast][/podcast] I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer by phone on ...

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Christ’s Light Shining

For a recent talk at the Chapel at Kingsmill I spoke of Christians shining our light so that ...

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“Fine Tuned Cosmos” by David Heddle (Faith and Science Part 2)

David Heddle, Ph.D., physicist at Jefferson Laboratory and Christopher Newport University and a fellow blogger, was Seaford Baptist ...

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Tom Clark, Empiricism, and Ethics

After a two-month hiatus, it’s my pleasure once again to take up conversation with Tom Clark, director of the ...

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New on the Blogroll: “Tritone Life”

Tritone Life: “Christ in the dissonance of my culture, mind, and senses,” it says. What in the world ...

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God Is the Issue: Book, PDF, and Message

Do you want to be an agent of real change in our culture? Then check out God Is ...

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“We Honor All Faiths”

Christ Church Unity, Kansas City, MO, says, “We honor all faiths.” This affirming and inclusive statement stands near ...

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