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Has Science Disproved Christianity?

A talk delivered on February 23, 2011: “Has Science Disproved Christianity?” I look at four common objections that ...

Arrogant Christianity? (The Truth Holds Us: Full Version)

Are Christians arrogant when we say we know the truth? Is it morally acceptable for us to say ...

The Truth Holds Us (Short Version)

Are Christians arrogant when we say we know the truth? I’ve finally been able to make a good ...

Hearts and Bodies Healed in Rwanda

This morning I had the rare privilege of sharing breakfast with a pastor from Rwanda, a man who ...

On the Greatness of God

A guided exploration of the greatness of God, unlike other podcasts I’ve done, in that it’s not a ...

On the Radio From Williamsburg

The Sound Rezn radio broadcast (mp3 file) came from Williamsburg, Virginia last Monday, where host Alex McFarland joined ...

Sound Rezn Radio Interview

Last Monday I had a stimulating talk with Alex McFarland on his Sound Rezn radio broadcast, on the ...

Stephen C. Meyer Interview/Podcast

  Book Review/Podcast [podcast][/podcast] I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer by phone on ...


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  • Tom Gilson May 7, 2021 at 1:56 pm on Moving From Heat to Light: Worldviews in ConflictPoint well taken on "Judeo-Christian," at least to the extent that the two groups have different views of God, Jesus, and soteriology. As to your other comments, I would suggest that you take this more as what it was intended to be: a summary. So for example, "got along" was
  • Dr Sarah May 7, 2021 at 1:46 pm on Moving From Heat to Light: Worldviews in ConflictMy best wishes for your father’s comfort, and for the wellbeing of all of you at this time. Thoughts on this post from the perspective of a non-Christian: ‘What will it take for people in one of these groups to understand people in another?’ I find this an ironic question
  • John Moore May 5, 2021 at 9:46 pm on Heat to Light: Our Lost Moral High Ground, and How to Begin Reclaiming ItI agree with you that many Americans perceive U.S. Christianity to have lost the moral high ground. I think there's only one reason for the change, which is the close association many churches have built with the Republican party. Regardless of whether Trump and the Republicans did this or that,

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