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Christianity, Science, and Materialism

“Religious people believe the most ridiculous things.” So says P.Z. Myers, the preposterous atheist of Pharyngula. He’s at ...

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Has Science Disproved Christianity?

A talk delivered on February 23, 2011: “Has Science Disproved Christianity?” I look at four common objections that ...

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Arrogant Christianity? (The Truth Holds Us: Full Version)

Are Christians arrogant when we say we know the truth? Is it morally acceptable for us to say ...

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The Truth Holds Us (Short Version)

Are Christians arrogant when we say we know the truth? I’ve finally been able to make a good ...

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Hearts and Bodies Healed in Rwanda

This morning I had the rare privilege of sharing breakfast with a pastor from Rwanda, a man who ...

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On the Greatness of God

A guided exploration of the greatness of God, unlike other podcasts I’ve done, in that it’s not a ...

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On the Radio From Williamsburg

The Sound Rezn radio broadcast (mp3 file) came from Williamsburg, Virginia last Monday, where host Alex McFarland joined ...

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Sound Rezn Radio Interview

Last Monday I had a stimulating talk with Alex McFarland on his Sound Rezn radio broadcast, on the ...

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