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Episode 5: Three Great Secrets in Too Good to be False

Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Episode 5: Three Great Secrets in Too Good to be False

For the whole year and a half I’ve been working on Too Good to be False, I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting on a secret — two of them, actually — secrets too great to hold inside. Now as the book nears its August 1 publication date, it’s time to start getting the word out on those secrets. I’ve even discovered there’s a third one, from those who’ve read pre-release copies of the book. Those three secrets: Jesus is better than you knew; he’s too good to be false; and (the one that surprised me) this message turned out to be a “fun read,” suitable for everyone from laypersons to the “professionals!”

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Show guide:

01:36: Source of some of the book’s information

03:30: Secret 1: Jesus is way more amazing than you’ve realized. Even though that sounds like a strong statement, it’s very probably true.

5:10: Confirmation from Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell, JP Moreland

6:49: It’s about Jesus: What he didn’t do.

9:45: Secret 2: Jesus is too good to be false.

11:15: More confirmation: J. Warner Wallace, Lee Strobel, Jeff Myers

13:40: Problems with the skeptics’ backstory for the story of Jesus

14:45: Secret 3: What I never expected: This book is working for everyone from layperson to the “professionals.” It’s a “fun read!”

16:54: I don’t want to be holding in these secrets any longer!


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"Engaging… exhilarating.… This might be the most surprising and refreshing book you’ll read this year!" — Lee Strobel

"Too Good To Be False is almost too good to be true!" — Josh McDowell

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