Episode 3-3: Pastors’ Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Christian Exclusivism vs. Pluralism — (Optionally) Christmas Themed!

Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Episode 3-3: Pastors' Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Christian Exclusivism vs. Pluralism — (Optionally) Christmas Themed!

Christians aren’t supposed to say we have the one truth. That’s the word around our culture, anyway. We’re supposed to be “humble” about our beliefs; to give equal worth and respect to all other beliefs. That’s what culture tells us, but what does God say? Clearly Jesus claims to be the one way, the one truth, and the one life, through whom alone we can come to the Father. But how does that square with Christian humility? How do we live that out without arrogance?

And why isn’t God like an elephant?

You weren’t expecting that last question, I’m sure! That’s okay, it’s just a teaser to a fun part of this sample sermon on Christian Exclusivism vs. Religious Pluralism. I present this early in December, with a Christmas theme as part of it, but you can easily extract that part out and use the rest of it any time of the year.

This comes to you in cooperation with The Stream, where you’ll find a wealth of accompanying information, in the form of a one-page summary “explainer” article covering this material and more, with links in it to all the supporting documentation you could want in order to make sure you’re representing the truth in this message if you use it. Also here at Thinking Christian, find a written version of this sample sermon.

We invite you to use this, not just as information but as a sample sermon. We do ask that in your bulletin and online postings you give credit to Tom Gilson and to The Stream, with whom this work is being done in cooperation, with links both to The Stream and to this podcast page. Check out the Thinking Christian blog for a written form of this sample sermon as well.

If you’re not a pastor, please consider yourself a member of the congregation listening and learning. You’re most welcome here! And then do please send this podcast to your pastor. There’ll be more like it to come!


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