Episode 2-4: Heat to Light — Our Lost Moral High Ground, and How to Begin Reclaiming It

Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Episode 2-4: Heat to Light — Our Lost Moral High Ground, and How to Begin Reclaiming It

Remember when Christianity held the moral high ground? Not just Christianity, the faith delivered to us in Christ and his word, but Christianity in the form of church-going people? Those days are over. Western culture sees Christian culture as intolerant, homophobic, bigoted, backward, and on and on the list continues.

And here’s why this really matters in our efforts to see the heat of cultural conflict turned to the light of spiritual transformation: Knowing this, we can better equip ourselves to answer the first, most urgent question on the minds of so many questioners and seekers, not to mention skeptics and unbelievers. The main question isn’t what it used to be: Is Christianity true? Now the question is whether Christianity is even good.

In today’s podcast I also announce an upcoming conversation with progressive pastor Brandan Robertson. I wrote about him on The Stream a couple weeks ago; he responded on Twitter; now we’ve agreed to continue that conversation live on video this coming Thursday, May 6, at 7 pm Eastern Time. Keep an eye for a new blog post at Thinking Christian, where I’ll be announcing where and how you can tune in.

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