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Episode 2-3: From Heat to Light: Worldviews in Conflict

Thinking Christian
Thinking Christian
Episode 2-3: From Heat to Light: Worldviews in Conflict

You want to help move people from conflict to understanding, but here’s the problem you run into: Everyone on one side of the issue thinks everyone else has gone nuts. There’s a reason for that: From their perspective, they’d have to be crazy to believe what they believe. And that in turn traces back to serious, difficult divisions in our worldviews. We don’t just see parts of reality differently, we see almost all of it differently.

Today’s episode of the Thinking Christian Podcast helps explain how that happens, and points in a direction toward improved understanding. It’s just one step in moving from heat to light, but it’s really helpful, in fact crucial. That’s why we’re encouraging you to pass it along to a friend, along with the blog post that accompanies it. Please follow it on your podcast app of choice, too, and give it a 5-star rating. It’ll help us all move from the heat of cultural conflict to the light of spiritual transformation, in this crazy season in the history of our world.

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