Episode 3-5, Pastors’ Equipping Series: Explaining How Perfectly Right Jesus Got It on Marriage

Jesus got marriage right, and in the process he got all of sexual morality right. Here’s one way ...

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Episode 3-4: How to Find Your Authentic Self

It’s a top priority in our culture: Finding your authentic self. Could it be, though, that we’ll find ...

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Episode 3-3: Pastors’ Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Christian Exclusivism vs. Pluralism — (Optionally) Christmas Themed!

Christians aren’t supposed to say we have the one truth. That’s the word around our culture, anyway. We’re ...

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Episode 3-2 — Pastor Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on the Faith-Science Challenge (Emphasis on the Virgin Birth of Jesus)

Faith vs. Science: It feels like David approaching Goliath, with no sling and no stones. Or at least, ...

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Episode 3-1 — Pastors’ Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Critical Race Theory

Updated: See the summary explainer article at The Stream! Critical race theory: Could you preach on it in ...

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Episode 2-9: Stories of Apologetics and Practical Church Ministry with Pastors

(Related Blog Post: Apologists and Pastors Connecting for Ministry: Stories of How You Can Do It) Okay, now ...

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Episode 2-8: What Pastors Wish Apologists Knew About Ministering in Their Churches

Christian apologists wonder why pastors won’t open doors wider for us to minister in their churches. Here’s what ...

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Episode 2-7: Equipping Pastors for the Cross-Cultural Missionary Work We Must All Do Now

Dorothy told Toto, “I have a feeling we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” I’d say what used to be ...

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Episode 2-6: Life, Death, Hope, and the Stakes We Face: Thoughts Following the Passing of My Father

He was the greatest dad ever, and now, as I’m reflecting on my father’s passing from life into ...

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