Pastors’ Roundtable Signup

Sign up here for Pastors’ Roundtable Discussions, as mentioned at The Stream! The Thinking Christian blog has been hosted since 2004 by Tom Gilson, Stream senior editor, and is also home to Pastors’ Corner resources along with The Stream. Pastors only, please. Thank you!

City and State, Province, Country, or Territory (Street address not necessary)
This is optional, but would be helpful for planning the online events.
Senior, Lead, Youth, Associate, Executive etc.
All times are Eastern time. You may select and attend more than one. All meetings will begin promptly and end promptly at 30 minutes. Space is limited.
Choose all that apply.
Share a little information that would help me get to know you in advance of the meeting, or to help get the discussion focused in a direction of your interest, to the extent we can do that.

Please Note: Our purpose here is discussion and learning, not debate. These conversations are for pastors who subscribe to biblical (often called “traditional”) Christian views on marriage and sexual morality. Those who seek serious answers to legitimate questions are more than welcome, too.

There is a time and a place to talk with people who oppose biblical teaching outright, and we have done so, but this is not that time or place. Thank you for respecting that.

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