Countdown to 2017 Giving!


It’s the final countdown to giving in 2017! Depending on your situation, your year-end gift in 2017 may give you real tax advantages compared to next year.

But the real reason for giving is to equip believers in churches all across America with reasons for confidence in the faith — confidence that will sustain us all as we face attacks coming from the media, from the universities, from government, and from all over the Internet. Need proof? Check out this article; it came in just today.

I’m working with highly qualified partners in a new initiative that we believe will encourage pastors and build lay Christians’ faith in whole new ways.

If you care about the future of American Christianity — indeed, Christianity around the Western world — this is one way you can help make the change that’s so desperately needed.

Click here for your giving opportunity!

And thank you for giving.

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  1. Sam says:

    This is so true, very few people even consider the attack on God and His word, thank you for this short and to the point post!

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