Recovering Well From Foot Surgery #5


It was sort of buried at the end of my last ministry update: another foot surgery this week. Number 5. It’s hardly front page news now, and I really did want to feature all the other good things going on in our lives and ministry!

It took place two days ago, and I’m back on the job half-time again already, working from home, writing, editing, and on the phone. There’s very little pain, and everything is going exactly as it’s supposed to be.

As always, though, there’s an awful lot of disruption due to the nature of the recovery: feet elevated for days. It’s not exactly old hat even after the amount of experience I’ve had.

It certainly is an opportunity to trust God. I’ve got more to share on that soon, tomorrow or the next day. Keep an eye here on the Thinking Christian blog for that. In the meantime I’m also passing along some very practical pointers for people who have to go through surgery like I have.

Thank you so much for praying for me and for Sara!

Image Credit(s): Calvary Simpsonville.

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