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Prayer Request for a Recurring injury Situation

This has been going on for well over a week but I’d sure like your prayers now. I’ve got a pulled muscle in my right calf. Last Thursday the doctor put me in a boot and told me to scale way back on my activities to give it some rest. I asked how long this would be likely to last, and she said, “See me again on Monday and ask me again.”

This is pretty rough this time.
That’s because his time is (count ’em) number eleven: I’ve had ten prior significant foot/leg injuries over the past 20 years, each one requiring either 6 or more weeks in a boot or else major surgery. (It’s because of bones growing in my feet that don’t belong there.) I’ve literally worn out 3 orthopedic boots. I’ve been through four very tough foot surgeries in four years, the most recent one just over a year ago,
It’s only been in the past couple of months that I’ve been able to take a 2-3 mile walk in the woods —not without pain, but at least successfully — for the first time since November 2011. The current injury is in my lower leg, not in a foot for a change, but I think it’s related anyway — a result of not being fully in shape after long periods of restricted mobility. Whether I’m right about that is neither here nor there, though; the effect is the same either way.
Thankfully my work doesn’t require me to be on my feet much, other than travel, and I’ve stayed with it, by God’s grace. And I’ll still be able to stay with it now, again by God’s grace.
But it’s been a very long haul, especially since, through most of the four years starting late in 2011, I was almost continually “just six to eight weeks from full mobility.” Over and over again, full mobility remained tantalizingly out of reach.
My surgeon was amazed I never reached the point of significant anger or depression in all that time, and I credit Jesus Christ completely for that. This time I’m battling those emotions, though.
I thought I was finally getting better, you know? And this time it’s my “good” foot — the one that wasn’t involved in all those surgeries. And it’s my driving foot. I’m allowed to drive, but I have to switch footwear every time I get in or out of the driver’s seat.
So three prayer requests, please:
  1. Please pray for a good report tomorrow, and that this will be resolved very quickly.
  2. And please pray I’d find strength, peace, and even joy in Christ for this renewed and continuing challenge.
  3. And pray that God would do the same for Sara, my wonderful wife, who is bearing with me very graciously in all these ups and downs of partial to severe disability.

Thanks for praying.



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