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Call for Prayer: Strategy Meetings This Week

Jesus Christ warned his followers that a day would come when people would stand against His name and think they’re doing a good thing. That day has come and gone many times and in many place since then. It’s never been prominent in American history — until now.

I’m in the Los Angeles area, meeting today with Sean McDowell and our hosts at Stand to Reason to try to develop action steps we can take to prepare the Church for the new challenges of the day. I spent yesterday with Stand to Reason, working with them on more general strategic matters, ending the day in studio with radio/podcast host Greg Koukl. You can listen here. We had some fun before the program, too, and yes it was chiles rellenos, not burritos.

Greg and Sean are very well connected and respected among Christian leaders who may be able to help lead the Church in a considered, gracious response to the confrontations that are increasingly being forced upon us. They’re both the kind of people you really like to have representing Christianity. The same goes for the rest of the Stand to Reason team.

I’m expecting a good day of discussions, but I didn’t come out here for that. I came to help discover answers that we can implement. That’s going to take a supernatural boost in wisdom and insight. So please pray.

Pray, too, for a similar yet different strategy meeting that’s on the schedule with another strategic Christian “case-maker” as he calls it, J.Warner Wallace. J. Warner is himself one of the better strategists in our field. The first prayer request there is that the meeting and transportation plans can be confirmed.

There’s no telling the impact these conversations could have down the road. Please pray that God would make the most of our work. We all bow to Him as king, knowing we are servants, here to do whatever He commands and instructs, and grateful to be under His loving authority and care.

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