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July 2016 Update: Leading a Christian Response In a Fast-Changing World

The world is shifting rapidly. Our values are on the line. Our safety is not assured as it once was. Last week Sara expressed her grief about how rarely the American flag has flown at full staff recently. She longs for the insanity to stop and the flag to once again fly high!

Even near the quiet historic town where we live, there was a citywide lockdown for a shooter incident not long ago. Our daughter, Lisa, was on the road. She got an emergency alert on her smart phone, called home, and stayed on the phone with Sara until she got safely home. The shooter was found but his gun has not been located. Many familes near the shooting were separated all evening and not allowed to travel to their homes.

The San Bernardino terror incident last December, and the recent Orlando shooting, both felt too close to home: Sara lived in San Bernardino when I was dating her. Through most of the 1990s our family lived less than three miles from the Pulse club location in Orlando. But it’s all too close to home for all of us, isn’t it?

God Is At Work

The world is shifting quicker than most of us know. Christianity is growing massively in the global south and east (South America, Africa, and Asia). God is at work! We believe He is at work here, too, though in a markedly different way, as our nation decides to legalize gay marriage and invite men into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Serving Him By Speaking, Writing, and Leading

As a writer and ministry strategist I am constantly seeking ways to help bring a return to the truth, grace, and love of Jesus Christ (John 1:14,17) in a nation whose spiritual fabric is torn and disintegrating. I have been privileged to be interviewed about 25 times on local and national radio programs and webcasts, sharing ways to represent Christ and make a difference for Him as well as spreading the word about my book Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens. Sara and I covet your prayers as I continue to reach out in that way. We’re also sharing with friends and with churches locally.

I have had to adjust some of my priorities. I’m no longer the leader of the Apologetics Leadership Alliance I founded. I’m connecting apologetics leaders in a highly focused strategy/effectiveness project instead, as well as speaking, leading seminars, and promoting my book Critical Conversations. I’m still blogging at — which was just granted the status of the 9th top Christian blog in the world by Feedspot, a blog aggregator website.

I’m writing and editing part time for The Stream, which is now seeing around 20,000 visitors per day. I’m mentoring a couple of very talented young Christian thinkers, and securing financial support to fund it — all except my work with The Stream, which is funded from other sources.

Family Celebrations Coming!

Beyond this we are happy to announce that both of our children are engaged! Lisa’s wedding date is May 21, 2017 and Jonathan will have a long engagement so no date is decided yet.   We are excited to welcome Morgan Gosling and Emily Tone to our family.

Sara’s Ministry

Sara is currently still at Family Christian Stores where she serves customers in need of helpful resources and looks for opportunities to pray with our guests in the store. She also continues in women’s studies at church.

Leading During Changing Times

The world is indeed shifting rapidly. Please pray that God would give us grace as we help lead Christians across the country in responding with faith, wisdom, grace, truth, and love. God’s people can shine brightly in these days. Let’s keep praying to that end. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Congratulations on the engagement of your children!

    Is it your content that is getting 20k hits per day or is it the website as a whole?

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