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These last two months have been the days of Critical Conversationssocial media, radio interviews, traveling and speaking.

I had a particularly good time with Immanuel Ministry Church in Kentucky last weekend. There’s one story I wish I could share with you but it strikes close to one family’s heart there, and I did not even think it right to ask for permission to pass it along.

What I’m hearing overall, though, is that the book is unique in the practical equipping it gives to parents and families. That’s gratifying: it was my prayer all the time I was writing it. The need for that kind of equipping has continued to grow, as you know.

I think my schedule might be on the verge of transitioning into other matters once again, but I’ve got some prayer requests for you in that regard:

  1. This Friday morning, May 20, I have a “pre-interview” on Critical Conversations scheduled with Focus on the Family. This will determine whether they’ll have me for a guest on their radio show. Obviously I’d like to have that opportunity to share the message of the book.
  2. I’m at a yes/no decision point on whether to run a project to put forward a Christian response to the upcoming atheist Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. (I’m choosing for intentional reasons not to link to their website here, but you can search it on Google.) This would be a web-based sort of sequel to True Reason four years ago.
  3. Sara has been leading a growing movement of prayer at our church, with classes every Wednesday and women meeting other nights besides.
  4. My five-year string of one orthopedic surgery every year may be extended one more year. This time it’s my left shoulder. Previously it was my right shoulder, which is fine now; then four surgeries on my left foot, which continues to be a bit sore but at least it works. The left shoulder is another story. Probably both shoulders got messed up from swimming too many miles with bad technique when I was in my early 50s. I sure would like to swim again, but with good coaching this time.

Some family news: Jonathan is planning to move out of our home to another place nearby in Lebanon early in July. Lisa is coming up on her last half-year of college; Jonathan is getting ready to start in on college once again. Sara is enjoying work at Family Christian Store, where she finds she can minister to customers in ways that really fit them and her well.

We’re paying close attention to what’s going on in our country, and what God is doing. The main thing we keep bringing to mind is that God is good and he’s always in charge. I don’t understand it all. He does.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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