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Critical Conversations Book: Pushback and Prayer Requests

We need your prayers.

Late last month my book Critical Conversations: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens was released by Kregel Publications. (If you’re a parent of teens or even pre-teens, I really think you need to read it.)

It’s a controversial topic. I haven’t seen a lot of pushback yet: just one blogger who said I was guilty of

  1. Fear of being homosexual
  2. Encouraging bullying
  3. Encouraging suicide
  4. Homophobia
  5. Not paying attention to the Bible on slavery
  6. Not really caring about divorce
  7. Not really caring about slavery
  8. Forgetting that God doesn’t hate
  9. Misunderstanding the Bible’s stance on homosexuality
  10. Not realizing that being gay isn’t a choice

Whew! That’s a lot to get wrong! If I had, that is. Ironically, she didn’t know that I had addressed all of these topics in my book. She hadn’t read the book. She assumed all the above. When I asked if she believes in stereotyping she didn’t answer.

It’s not surprising, though, in a world where all of the following can happen all in one week:

(Some of those links are straight news, some are news/commentary)

And my book has been out of stock at Amazon for over a week; they’re saying it will be one to three weeks before they can ship more.

Opposition? Pushback? We’re expecting it.

So please pray.

Pray for God’s guidance as I speak in multiple interviews (Here’s a direct link to one of them.) Pray that I could express both grace and truth. Pray that God would keep the pressure light and the pushback minimal. Pray that Amazon would catch up on inventory, and that many would buy it from there or elsewhere — not because I need to sell books, but because this is a resource for parents to help keep their kids in the faith.


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