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For more than 35 years Sara and I have been telling donors our ministry depends entirely on their contributions. Now I’m working three-quarters time with The Stream. Why are we seeking support still, and how much do we need?

Why are we still seeking support?

First, we’re still in ministry and still pursuing changed lives as much as ever before.

The part I’m doing through The Stream is funded. There I’m responsible for Christian Inspiration and Apologetics. If you visit the site today you’ll see Inspiration featured prominently. Apologetics needs to grow. That’s my responsibility. It is a unique venue in which people who rarely seek out apologetics information will be able to see it as a matter of course.

The Stream is not all, though, and it’s also not providing all the salary we need to pay our bills. This is by design. Our intention, and my agreement with The Stream, is for my compensation to match my work. Since I’m devoting one-quarter of my time to non-Stream work, I’m seeking one-quarter of my salary and expenses from non-Stream sources: financial support from like-minded people like you.

How much support do we need?

We need just under half the support we had when we left Ratio Christi, and we need it especially now at the end of 2015. I’ll explain both halves of that.

We need just under half the support we had when we left Ratio Christi.

My work at the end of my tenure with Ratio Christi made it hard for me to keep up with support-raising needs. Our support was fading away. I was going to need to raise some new support very soon. God supplied in another way, so we can actually afford to lose some of our support, but not as much as you might think.

We need it especially now at the end of 2015.

Historically a large proportion of our support has always come in at the end of December each year. It’s a great time for you to give, and it really helps us to catch that opportunity. January and February are historically low months, another reason we’re praying for significant support to come in at this time.

What are we using this support for?

I’ve described the ministry elsewhere. That answers the most important part of the question, “What is this for””

More specifically, besides salary, we’re seeking support to cover:

  • Travel expenses for leadership activities related to the Apologetics Leadership Alliance and the Center for Strategic Apologetics: $4,000 per year
  • Website expenses: $2,000 annually (a bargain!) for webmaster expenses, $500 annually for web hosting
  • Office expenses: We built an office for me in a detached garage here at home. Utilities for that room run about $500 per year. Averaged over the months we expect to use this office, the build-out cost us the equivalent of $125 to $175 in monthly rent. (That’s still a good deal compared to area office rent.)
  • Other communications expenses (web access, cell phone, and so on): about $100 per month.


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