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Jesus’ First Words: Luke 4 (In the Marketplace)

Jesus had his own agenda, and often surprised people with it, such as in his hometown sermon recorded in Luke 4. Frequently the surprise was that he was there to serve others.

It’s easy on the job to fall into one’s expected role. Of course we have to fulfill our responsibilities, which for most of us are at least somewhat routine; but I’m thinking of something else: the expectations of being a Christian among non-Christians. If we make our beliefs obvious enough—a good thing to do, certainly—others are likely to expect us to fit into their stereotype of Christians, whatever that image might be. Some will watch their language around us, avoiding cuss words so as not to offend us. Others will go out of their way to offend. Some will just check us out from a distance, either hoping we’re for real or hoping they can prove we aren’t.

Being a 24-7 Christian sometimes means being and doing the unexpected. Our best witness probably won’t be the weekly Bible study we lead. More likely it will be the way we care for the weak and hurting among us. It might be the way we notice the custodian, the clerk, or the server. It might be the way we don’t take advantage of our power for our own purposes but use it for the sake of the mission and the people, in the name of Christ.

How can we surprise someone with our love in Christ’s name today?


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