How great would it be if someday conversations at Rotary or Kiwanis Clubs would go like this:

Business Owner A: “You are going to be so envious: I just had a Christian apply for my latest job opening, and I am so looking forward to hiring this person. You can count on Christians: they work hard, they put in a day’s work for a day’s pay, they encourage the others on the job, they’re honest, they really care about our customers—”

Business Owner B (interrupting): “Wow. You’re right, I am envious. I’d hire more Christians in a minute! You know, they even lift me up. They help me realize that what we do in our business really makes a difference.”

I don’t think that conversation happened at your local Rotary this morning. There’s a lot to be said about faith at work, and about stewardship in general, which covers a lot more ground than the usual church pledge drive.

Stewardship is a high biblical theme, one that I’ll be focusing on more and more here as I devote increasing attention to Christianity in the marketplace.

In the meantime, dream with me of that day at the Rotary Club….

Posted in January 2013, with the date adjusted backward so that this post would attach automatically to the linked article.


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