Equipping Parents As Teachers


My latest Worldview and You column pointed to parents’ responsibilities, both to set a sound example for their children and also to teach them well in the faith. Obviously this is a challenge. Obviously also it would be great if the church could step in and help parents be more effective in training up their children. Some churches are doing it well. None would claim they’re doing it perfectly.

Most churches major on the message of living the Christian life. Few make it a priority to teach parents how to teach their children the basics of the faith.

So I’m opening up this thread for a discussion. Is parental teaching as important as I said it was? If so, how can pastors, Christian education leaders, and teachers more effectively equip parents to teach the faith at home?

1 Response

  1. Absolutely the number one teacher in a child’s life should be the parent(s). We should indoctrinate our children by getting them Bible-based music and reading the Word to them, perhaps at bedtime. Then we ought to prepare them for the kinds of things they teach in schools. I told my kids to learn what they were taught and give it back to them, but if the teacher was teaching things that were anti-Christian/Bible they could and should defend their position if asked or challenged.

    Parents need to understand the Bible and that means the Old Testament, too. They need to have a basic knowledge of evolution so they can refute the lies. They need to know enough about the background history of the Bible to refute “Higher Textual” BS. Our children depend on their parents to set rules and tell them Truth. Naturally that means parents have to live what they teach? Hey, it is a hard job to raise good Christian citizens but it is the best investment a parent can make.