The Apologetics of the Bible: 3 New Views (Video)

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2021-07-21 15:30 - 16:30

They say you can't use the Bible to prove the Bible; it's circular reasoning. Yes. Except... there are exceptions. Valid ones, not fallacious. The Bible actually demonstrates its own reality through its own internal character, along with some general common-sense knowledge about books and literature with which we can compare it.

That's one perspective you'll hear from Lydia McGrew, David Marshall, and me, sharing from "outside the guild," the usual New Testament scholarship. We all appreciate their work; we also think there's room for an infusion of new ideas. My book Too Good to Be False has been widely hailed along those lines.

Lydia's work has been treated as more controversial, but in the end I'm quite sure we're all going to find she's got something very important to say — important even by way of correcting some missteps within the guild. And David Marshall's work, informed by his extensive world travels, shares another feature in common with Lydia's and mine: It's creative and it's common-sense, both at the same time.

Hosted by Brad Cooper.

Watch for us here live on David Marshall's YouTube channel.