Do Christians Really Hold The Truth?

The Truth Holds Us: Reflections of a Thinking Christian

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Do we Christians have a lock on the truth?

We have a reputation of thinking we hold the truth—and for being arrogant and intolerant about it. Maybe that reputation isn’t totally undeserved. The fact is, the skeptics are partly right: we don’t hold the truth. At least not the way a lot of people think of it.

But does that mean there is nothing left but doubt and religious uncertainty? No, not at all! Find out why in “The Truth Holds Us,” the title article in The Truth Holds Us: Reflections of a Thinking Christian. It’s not just thought-provoking—it’s also been called “refreshing.” And it’s just one of thirty-plus exciting excursions into what it means to be a thinking—and believing and worshiping—Christian.

This exciting collection brings together many of Tom Gilson’s best writings from Discipleship Journal, BreakPoint, Center for a Just Society, the Newport News Daily Press, and this Thinking Christian blog. And it’s only $6.99!

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