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Worldview and You

Monthly BreakPoint Column

(The web home of Charles Colson’s worldview ministry)

Salvo Magazine

Touchstone Magazine

Discipleship Journal

  • “I Was a Legalist and Didn’t Know It”

Areopagus Journal

Center For a Just Society

Newport News Daily Press

(This is a partial list. Please note that headlines are written by the newspaper and not by me.)

  • Death is the Enemy, But Cannot Beat Life — May 13, 2011. PDF
  • Christianity: Not part of a menu of nice ideas —February 13, 2011. PDF
  • Who Else Would You Follow? — May 16, 2010. PDF
  • On Being a “Thinking Christian” — February 7, 2010. PDF
  • Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions — August 9, 2009. PDF; (JPG Scan)
  • Rwanda Tutsi Survivors Forgive HutusMay 10,2009 (JPG Scan)
  • There’s No “Intelligence Test” for the Family of GodMay 10, 2008 (PDF)
  • God Answers It All February 9, 2008 (PDF)
  • unChristian? Reaching Out To Young People — November 10, 2007 (PDF)
  • Believing in Jesus is No Small Thing — August 11, 2007 (JPG Scan / PDF)
  • God Can Handle the Questions — May 12, 2007 (PDF Only)
  • Christians and the New Atheists: Persecution? — November 18, 2006 (JPG Scan / PDF)
  • Let’s Listen To Each Other — October 29, 2005 (JPG Scan / PDF )
  • Science and Prayer Research — August 13, 2005 (JPG Scan / PDF)
  • Held By the Truth — May 21, 2005 (PDF Only)
  • We’re Not Losing, Christians! — February 12, 2005 (JPG Scan / PDF)
  • Never Slow Down?— November 3, 2004 (JPG Scan / PDF )

(“An academic resource for Christian research and education”)

And from a long, long time ago…

The Toastmaster, April 1994

  • Loud and Clear: Microphone Technique for Public Speaking (PDF Scan, 1 MByte)


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