Christian Faith Under (Im)Moral Attack

Series Introduction

Gay activists set out almost 30 years ago to make Christianity look immoral and wrong. In one key document they even called it a plan for “Overhauling Straight America.” (I tell that story in Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens (Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Book website and detailed overview).

It’s an immoral attack on Christian morality: hence title of this series, also adapted from Critical Conversations.

The (Im)moral Attack: Series Contents

  1. April 15: “You’re a Hater!”
  2. April 16: “You’re Homophobic!”
  3. April 17: “You’re On the Wrong Side of History!”
  4. April 18: “You’re Intolerant!”
  5. April 19: “Keep Your Beliefs Out of Our Bedrooms!”
  6. April 20: “You think your morality is so perfect!”
  7. April 21: “How Could You Be So Opposed To Marriage Equality?!”
  8. April 22: “You’re Anti-Gay Just Like You’re Anti-Everything Else!”
  9. April 23: “You’re a Bigot!”
  10. April 24: “Hate Is Not a Family Value!”

And the wrap-up:

 Ten Ways Your Kids’ Christian Faith Is Under (Im)Moral Attack, and How To Respond

The idea in all this attack was to cause believers to cower and hide from our own faith. I’ve identified more than two dozen challenges activists have raised against the faith. To their dubious credit, their strategy has succeeded all too well.

It shouldn’t have been that successful. We should have simply smiled and said, “No, either you’re misunderstanding us you’re misrepresenting us on purpose. Either way, the things you’re saying aren’t true. Here’s why…. ”

This series explains why, outlining brief answers to ten of the most common attacks leveled against Christian faith from within the LGBT activist community. For a longer list, more complete answers, and especially for guidance in helping young people stan d strong for the truth and goodness found in Jesus Christ, I urge you to buy and read Critical Conversations.