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Coming August 1, 2020!

Too Good To Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality — the first book in 90 or more years to take seriously Jesus’ unparalleled goodness, his consistency of character, and his utter uniqueness, and to show how unbelievable it is that a character as great as he could have been merely a legend. (From DeWard Publishing.)


Essays on the Christian life, ethics, apologetics, and more.
Foreword by Dr. Timothy McGrew.

Atheists want to name themselves the party of reason. This book takes that claim head-on.


practical guide for parents who want to keep their kids strong in the faith while culture tells them Christianity is hateful.

How to respond to the really adversarial people on social media — and do it Jesus’ way!


Peter Boghossian wants to create atheists. His “critical thinking” is weak, but he’s an expert in persuasion. Here’s a direct answer to him on that.



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"Engaging… exhilarating.… This might be the most surprising and refreshing book you’ll read this year!" — Lee Strobel

"Too Good To Be False is almost too good to be true!" — Josh McDowell


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