Denouncing Evil by Standing for Good

From The Stream: We could take time to map out the racism and oppression we denounce, defining them with analytic precision. That wouldn’t make Balmer [at the Los Angeles Times] happy. He says he wants evangelicals to speak out. But what he means is that he wants us to say exactly what he says. There’s a […]

One Nation Looking Upward at God’s Glory

From The Stream: My wife said it well: “He probably thought it was cute.” Neither of us caught the NBC news reporter’s name, but we did hear how he signed off his report yesterday on people gathering for the Great Eclipse: “One nation indivisible — under one sun and moon.” There’s something to be said for anything that […]

Talking About Critical Conversations!

I spent a day recently with the American Family Association in Tupelo, Mississippi. We filmed some shorts for their “Engage” Facebook page — plus this quick conversation about my book Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens. Be sure to get your copy of the book!  

My Most Important Message of Them All: Living in Grace

Map in Tank

For all the apologetics I do, nothing I’ve ever communicated has been as important as the message of living in a grace-filled relationship with Christ. It’s about freedom from the rule of the law. It’s about understanding the purpose of rules and law. It’s about connecting in a vital, loving relationship with Christ.