Social Justice Advocates Are Sadly Oblivious To Their Own Weakness

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Shadow to Light, you’ll find an insightful post from yesterday titled “Trying to Understand How Social Justice Advocates Think.” Blogger Mike there read through an essay from social justice advocate Nora Berenstain and found two themes to comment on: Tribalism: “Berenstain not only demonstrates tribalistic thinking, but seems […]

American Education’s Collapse, Caught On Video

This assistant principal’s behavior is disturbing on many levels, most of which are too obvious to require comment. He’s rude and his language is offensive, even as he complains about the pro-life pair “harassing” students. You can add your own descriptions. But what I really want you to see is the collapse of American education, […]

Dripping Deep and Trivial

The other day John Loftus wrote on Facebook, “Faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities based on at least one cognitive bias and buttressed by at least one logical fallacy.” I don’t respond to John very often anymore, but something about the context of this post piqued my interest; or rather, it was the […]

March for Science or March for Scientism?

If you’ve heard about this weekend’s March for Science, and if you really stand for science, you owe it to yourself to invest your time in viewing this discussion. You don’t want to be fooled by politics and rhetoric parading falsely under the name of science. This panel of four well-informed thinkers will show you […]

March For Science, War On Knowledge?

There’s a March for Science scheduled for this weekend. It hasn’t even taken place, but it’s already had a long and checkered history, with multiple rewrites of its mission and principles. Though somewhat toned down from the original, current versions still sound less like a March for Science than a March for Science with Progressivist […]