Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage: Table of Contents

Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage: Table of Contents

Preliminary table of contents for my series on biblical and secular reasons for man-woman marriage. I’ll add links as the articles are written.

Please refer also to the Marriage Debate Home Page.

Series on Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage

  • Introduction

    • Why this series?
    • Why start with secular?
  • Secular Reasons

    • The place and purpose of “secular” reasoning
    • Why this isn’t a strictly “religious” issue
    • Marriage Truth and Marriage Law
      • Public vs. private truths in relation to public policy
        • And how the SSM argument is based almost entirely on private truths!
      • The importance of definition (for the law’s effect is to define, after all)
      • Boundary-Less Definitions, or, When Slippery-Slope Isn’t a Fallacy
    • What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense by Girgis, Anderson, and George
      • A multipart walk through the book
      • Marriage as a real human good worth preserving
      • The state’s purpose and interest with respect to marriage
      • The distinctiveness of the man-woman marriage relationship
        • Comprehensive union
        • Response to challenges
      • Harm likely to come from SSM
  • Anthony Esolen’s Sanity and Matrimony (Ten Arguments in Defense of Marriage)
  • Slippery slope re-visited
  • Definition and goodness of marriage re-visited
    • For the couple
    • For the children
    • For society and state
  • Biblical Reasons

    • Introduction to biblical reasoning on marriage
      • The nature of marriage
      • Sexual morality
    • Biblical reasoning on the nature of marriage
      • Old Testament
      • New Testament
    • Biblical reasoning on sexual morality
      • Old Testament
      • Challenges to Old Testament interpretation and authority
      • New Testament
      • Challenges to New Testament interpretation and authority
  • Summary in perspective of our future


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