Availability for Guest Speaking 

Having blogged on these topics for many months, I'm now available guest speaking in churches, schools, Bible study groups, etc., on: 

• Status of Christian Missions: A Progress Report 
• Strategies for Reaching Your World 
• As Dangerous As Terrorists? (How the world views the Church and why; and what we should and should not do about it) 
• The Intellectual Climate Surrounding the Faith 
• Does Science Contradict Christianity? 
• Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (45 minute introductory talk, or 4-session discussion series on the video, Unlocking the Mystery of Life) 
• Fallen From Grace? (A Biblical message on living with God’s power, from Galatians 5) 
• Called to Be . . . (Following the example of John the Baptist; knowing what God has called us to be, and in light of that, making a difference in the world!) 
My home location is southeastern Virginia. Please email me with inquiries. Thank you! 

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