Re: Sternberg--More information coming 

I've been notified by the Discovery Institute of significant misrepresentations in the blog I linked to earlier about Richard Sternberg. The Discovery Institute is preparing a complete response to it. 

One thing I should have noticed myself is that there's an important correction buried in the comments. The three ID proponents claimed to have been used by Sternberg as peer reviewers for Meyer's paper were in fact acknowledged as helpful critics for one of Sternberg's own articles. That makes a huge difference in at least one set of the claims against Sternberg.

(It always seemed unfair to me how corrections in newspapers are always so much smaller and less prominent than the original articles were. I've taken that as a limitation of the medium. It's a limitation that should not exist in blogs. It's been my practice to go back to the original, erroneous statement, and add a note and a link to the correction right there.)

There were other errors pointed out to me, which for now I'm not passing along because of the pitfalls of conveying second-hand information. I'll post a notice when Discovery Institute publishes their response.

P.S. Added a few hours later:

Lesson learned. Next time I flag a story like this, for which I have no independent evidence, it will be for the purpose of raising a question in the blogosphere and finding out what the rest of the story is. 

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